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    The road ahead is rocky for truckers and the organizations that insure them.  
    Please join our panel of experts as we illuminate exposures 
    that our truckers, brokers and shippers might not know exist.

    Runaway Truck Crash - Lakewood, CO April 25, 2019
    The motor carrier who caused this multiple fatality crash was only insured for the minimum liability of $750K, which will not begin to cover damages caused by this reckless bottom feeder.  Who else was involved in this transaction and where else will the lawyers look for money to compensate the families of the victims?  We will discuss the facts, make some presumptions and shed some light on a case that will inevitably help shape the legal landscape of the future.

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    Brendan Dawson, Founder & CEO AccidentPlan

    Joe Fried, Founding Partner
    Fried Goldberg, LLC

    Doug Marcello, Trucking Defense Attorney
    Marcello & Kivisto, LLC

    A veteran with 25 years of fleet safety, risk management and driving experience, Brendan identified an exposure in crash management that could be mitigated with technology.  So he built AccidentPlan.  He is dedicated to raising accident preparedness and uniting champions across trucking.

    One of the nations leading trial lawyers and safety advocates focusing on major truck crash cases, Joe has handled cases for the plaintiff in over 30 states with results approaching $1 billion.  He is also also a recognized safety advocate in the field of trucking and highway safety, devoting considerable time to educating other lawyers, judges, police officers, industry leaders and politicians about trucking safety issues.

    Doug is a trucking defense attorney  who also holds a CDL. Doug combines 30 years of trial experience with knowledge of the trucking industry to represent trucking companies in Central Pennsylvania and throughout the country.

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    "A ship is safe in harbor.  But that is not what ships are for." John Shedd