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Some motor carriers have begun to take control of driver's cell phones 

after a crash in order to preserve evidence anticipating litigation. 

  • Proactive defense strategy? 
  • Slippery slide down the privacy slope?
  • What are the unintended consequences?
  • Under what circumstance should you implement this practice?
  • What happens when the information is adverse or irrelevant?

We will untangle these questions and more with another expert panel discussion.

Brendan Dawson, Founder & CEO AccidentPlan

Jeff Karr, Vice President
Meiborg Brothers Trucking

Larry Daniel
​Senior Principal Consultant - Digital Forensics
Envista Forensics

A veteran with 25 years of fleet safety, risk management and driving experience, Brendan identified an exposure in crash management that could be mitigated with technology.  So he built AccidentPlan.  He is dedicated to raising accident preparedness and uniting champions across trucking.

A United States Marine Corp veteran, Jeff leads the world-class service teams for two asset-based trucking companies, a brokerage, a full-service shop including wrecker and road service operations, and almost 500,000 square feet of warehousing in greater Chicago.

Larry began performing digital forensics in 2001 and has thousands of hours of experience and has provided computer and cellular phone and cellular tower technology expertise in hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

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